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It doesn’t seem like the person writing the subtitles for Aliens had a supervisor.

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Episode 11 - Diana Kolsky vs. Matt Mayer



Today’s Episode: Hey

Today’s Contestants Are:

In this episode!

- Hear one man’s struggle to say “Hey” in a way that doesn’t creep everyone out.
- Daria’s back! And she’s got a lot of interesting things to tell you!
- Hear what it’s like to have malaria! (Scary.)

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Wanted to reblog this from earlier this week. Matt and Diana were a fun duo, and the sketch part of this one is super-weird.


Time Pranx

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This was nice! Riley posted Time Pranx on his new indie videos blog. It’s a great idea, and there’s a lot of cool stuff being posted. Check it out! And if you haven’t yet, watch Time Pranx!

I never turned on the subtitles for The Godfather before.

Fuck GEICO: A Clarification


Hi, Everyone.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been following my impotent rage over corporate insurance giant GEICO contracting the Martin Agency to create an ad that (With its Halloween theme) is scaaaaaaaarily close to a short I co-created with filmmaker Joe Nicolosi. If you need to get…

I thought this might be fun to post - this was a Victoria’s Secret online commercial (short film?) I did voiceover for. I play Martha Hunt’s boyfriend on the phone who kind of ignores her while she’s trying to break up with him. I improvised about 40 minutes of dialogue, and they kept some of the weirder stuff in there, but not an odd story about taking Martha’s dog to the dog park where I met a strange man without teeth who beat me with a tire iron and stole my wallet.



The story Matt Fisher was born to report. Inside strangers’ showers, with UCB1 News.

Today your dream comes true.

This is just delightful!

Me and Ramsey on Dale Radio

Well this was fun! Dale had us on his show so we could promote Snap Impression. And I play the “Pete Holmes” to Ramsey’s “John Mulaney”. Also, I feel like Dale slighted me - in the pictures he included of Ramsey and myself on his website, Ramsey’s is slightly larger. Can’t help but feel that it’s a subtle insult.

If Mitch McConnell loses the upcoming election, maybe he can get a part in the new Star Wars film.